7 Ways To Add 50+ Points To Your Credit Score Yourself.


We are going to be talking about 3 ways that can potentially raise your credit score by 50+ points in 30 days or less.

The reason this is possible is because many credit “experts” and financial companies don’t want to reveal that information to you openly because by you not knowing allows them to make TONS of money!

Follow these 3 easy ways that can raise your credit score 50+ points in 30 days or less:

  1. Only spend about 30% of your TOTAL credit line. If you go above this at anytime try to pay it off till you hit that amount as soon as possible.
    • When credit agency’s see that you are going above this 30% ratio they label you as a high leveraged person…or in their mind a person who would be a bad borrower and they take a bite out of your credit score.
    • This will happen EVEN if you pay everything on time!
  2. Check your credit report regularly to see if there are any inaccuracies on there…as any inaccuracy will cause your credit to drop.
    • [Insider Tip]: Did you know that it is not illegal for companies to post inaccurate information about you on your credit report? Most people don’t even know that and they assume all their information on their credit report should be right and they don’t even check!
  3. Become a authorized credit user on a friend or family’s credit account who has good credit and does not use their credit card that much.
    • By doing this credit agency’s will see you as more responsible over your credit and help build your history of positive borrowing faster allowing you to increase your credit score faster!

Have any story about how you raised your credit score yourself or want to share your story where you are right now?

Just let us know below!